Tony Tran of Tru Sheds have been building high quality weather proof sheds for the residents of Lincoln, Omaha for over 5 years. Tony Tran is the man behind Tru Shed who runs the show. He has been designing and building sheds and other outdoor structures unique to each family’s own needs.

These sheds are made out of high end materials. And theses sheds will last each family a lifetime. At Tru Shed we do not build just an empty box for you. These sheds are completed with unique personalization to accommodate the storage and usage requirements of each family.

Tru Sheds offer customers 2 plans to start for their sheds basic structure.

The Studio

These sheds are offered in many sizes. The smallest one is 6’x 6’ and the largest shed size offered in this collection is 12’x 24’. We do offer custom sizes. Just ask!

Standard features of these sheds include: 

  • 6′ side wall height
  • 4’ (wide) and 6’ (tall) door entry
  • 4” side over hangs
  • 4/12 roof pitch
For families who have little equipment and a minimal lifestyle, a small shed would be a suitable match. Families with more storage needs and also larger backyards have the space and flexibility to build a medium to large shed which can accommodate all of their belongings in a weather proof room. (There are many upgrading and personalization options available for families to make these sheds unique to their own lifestyle.) These sheds are suitable for families working on a tight budget.

The Master

This plan offers our customers the larger size options with premium upgrades at extra cost. The smallest shed size available in this collection is 6’x 6’ and the largest one is the massive 14’x 32’. These mega sheds are able to store an array of equipment, tools, and seasonal essentials for example salt and compost bags. These mega storage sheds can still have enough space left over which other families have used to dedicate to their own hobbies. Tru Shed has made some unique upgrades while making these sheds to accommodate special needs of a specific hobby. Even though their sizes are large Tony with creativity has the ability to blend these outdoor structures with their backgrounds and landscapes. These structures are sturdy enough to bear the test of time and extreme weather.

Standard features of these sheds include: 

  • 8′ side wall height
  • 4’ (wide) and 6’3″ (tall) door entry
  • 6” side over hangs
  • 6/12 roof pitch
These large sheds are perfect for large and growing families. These sheds are able cater to multiple requirements of the various members of the families. These plans come with the many upgrading options available at an extra cost. Tony has incorporated many features in each shed to suit a growing family’s immediate and long term needs. These sheds are a good match for families with a flexible budget.
Along with building sheds Tony at Tru Shed has built many smaller and larger other types of outdoor structures.